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Branding 101- the process

Building a solid brand for your business is one of the most important steps to take when ensuring the health, wealth and longevity of your company.  Consider brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, IBM and more.  The mere mention of the name conjures up a solid visual of exactly who that company is and what they offer.  

Your business is no different.  Consistency is key!

I will work with you through the following steps to produce the best possible graphic design for your business.

1.  Research Stage- Who are your competitors?  How can you stand out?  What makes you different?  Who is your target audience?  How do you want them to FEEL about your business?  These are all questions that we will cover in this discovery phase of branding your business.  Great care and an in-depth questionairre help us both understand how best to serve you.

2. Concept Stage- Using the information gathered in phase one- I will prepare three concepts for you to consider.  Upon choosing one design concept, I will move onto phase three where we continue to work out the design that perfectly represents your company.

3. Design Stage-  Once we have chosen a solid concept, a palette is  prepared, with color and black and white versions of the design presented.  This stage is where we visualize usage for different aspects of advertising and design, such as business cards, banners, and social media.

4. Production Stage- Once you have fully approved the design and color palette, we are ready to launch your design consistently through printed media, social media, and website design.  This ensures consistency across the board for a professional presence within your industry.  

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